Celebrating Disney’s 100 Years with ‘Wish’: A Magical Animated Feature


As Disney commemorates its 100th anniversary in 2023, the studio is set to honor this momentous occasion with the release of an enchanting animated feature called “Wish.” Directed by Chris Buck and Fawn Veerasunthorn, the film takes viewers on a musical-comedy journey to the magical kingdom of Rosas, where a young girl named Asha, voiced by Ariana DeBose, joins forces with a cosmic energy called Star to challenge the ruthless King Magnifico, portrayed by Chris Pine. The film pays tribute to Disney’s illustrious history and iconic music, promising a delightful blend of 2D and 3D animation.


The Magical Kingdom of Rosas

“Wish” introduces audiences to the captivating world of Rosas, a magical kingdom where dreams come true. The film centers around Asha, a sharp-witted idealist who makes a powerful wish that catches the attention of a cosmic force, Star, a boundless energy sphere. Together, they embark on a courageous journey to confront King Magnifico, the tyrant ruler of Rosas, who threatens the harmony of the kingdom.

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A Stellar Voice Cast

Ariana DeBose leads the film’s voice cast as Asha, the young leader-in-the-making, while Chris Pine brings King Magnifico’s character to life with his formidable voice. Accompanying them is the talented Alan Tudyk, voicing Valentino, a crucial character in the film. This exceptional trio, along with the rest of the voice cast, promises to deliver outstanding performances that will bring depth and emotion to the animated characters.

An Ode to Disney Classics

“Wish” serves as a heartfelt tribute to Disney’s rich legacy, inspired by the studio’s classic anthem “When You Wish Upon a Star” from the iconic film “Pinocchio.” With the guidance of directors Chris Buck and Fawn Veerasunthorn, known for their work on Disney favorites such as “Tarzan,” “Pocahontas,” “Frozen,” “Moana,” and “Zootopia,” the film seamlessly blends the nostalgic charm of 2D animation with the innovative world of 3D animation, showcasing the studio’s evolution over the years.



A Harmonious Score

To complement the film’s magical atmosphere, “Wish” boasts a captivating score composed by David Metzger. The film’s songs, penned by Julia Michaels and Benjamin Rice, promise to be memorable, adding an extra layer of enchantment to the story. The combination of brilliant animation, powerful storytelling, and captivating music ensures that “Wish” will be a treat for both young and old, a true testament to Disney’s timeless ability to create heartwarming and unforgettable cinematic experiences.


Behind the Scenes: Bringing “Wish” to Life

The inception of “Wish” began with Jennifer Lee, who was announced in January 2021 as the writer for a new original Disney film. At the D23 Expo Presentation later that year, it was unveiled that this film was none other than “Wish.” The screenplay was co-written by Allison Moore, while Peter Del Vecho and Juan Pablo Reyes took on the production responsibilities. Jennifer Lee also served as an executive producer, further cementing her impact on the project. Their collaboration brought forth a magical tale that pays homage to Disney’s legacy while also setting its sights on a bright and inspiring future.


The Much-Awaited Release

After months of anticipation, “Wish” is set to grace the silver screen on November 22. Disney fans can look forward to a heartwarming adventure that exemplifies the spirit of the studio’s 100-year journey. As part of the celebration, Disney has also released other nostalgic titles such as “The Little Mermaid” and “Peter Pan & Wendy,” in addition to 28 newly restored classic short films now available on Disney+. With its unforgettable characters, delightful music, and captivating animation, “Wish” promises to be a cherished addition to Disney’s storied filmography.


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As Disney celebrates its 100-year milestone, “Wish” shines as a testament to the studio’s enduring magic and storytelling prowess. With a captivating plot, stellar voice cast, and mesmerizing animation, this animated musical-comedy embraces the essence of Disney’s past while igniting the imagination of audiences young and old.

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