Through My Window Across the sea Information about the sequel film that can be seen on Netflix 2023


Trough My Window Across The Sea

Following the critical and commercial success of the film “Through My Window Across the sea,” a continuation of the love story between Raquel and Ares is being filmed.

Through My Window

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On Friday, June 23, the second section of Through My Window Across The sea, an adaptation of Ariana Godoy’s novel of the same name for Netflix, made its debut on the streaming service. Through My Window is based on Godoy’s novel of the same name. The continuation of the story of Raquel and Ares is going to be called Through My Window Across the Sea.

Which is a title that makes a reference to the setting of the movie, which is set across the sea. After being separated for a number of months due to the distance between them, the young couple finally gets a chance to reunite on the Costa Brava.


As you may recall, the female protagonist is a young woman with aspirations of becoming a novelist. In her head, she frequently casts Ares, her next-door neighbor and the son of the influential Hidalgo family, in the role of the hero of her fictional exploits. But her approach to her in her fiction turns to real life when she realizes that the young man takes her Wi-Fi because his home is so close to hers.

Through My Window
The story that Godoy wrote and published on the online reading platform Wattpad in 2016 gave birth to the characters that were subsequently portrayed by Clara Galle and Julio Pea, respectively. Because of the story’s compelling nature, it garnered millions of views, which piqued the interest of publishers who were considering distributing the texts as digital books. Netflix started production on the film version some years later, in 2021, with the same author attached to the team.


In contrast to the first film, which kept the original name of the source material, the second film did not use the title Through Me again. This alteration will also have an effect on the storyline of the feature film, as it will not adhere strictly to the structure that has already been established for readers of the trilogy. However, the fact that the originator worked as a screenwriter on the feature picture ensures that the essence that made the ‘witch’ and the ‘Greek god’ such a phenomenon among young people will not be lost.

Clara Galle, an actress of 21 years old who most recently portrayed Eva Merino in the Spanish thriller series El internado: las cumbres, brings Raquel Mendoza to life for the cast of the youth movie Raquel Mendoza, which can be found streaming on Netflix. Julio Pea, who is only 22 years old but has a significant experience in the theater, is playing her costar de ella in the play Through My Window Across the Sea. Pea had a starring role in the Disney Channel series Bia in 2018, and he is also scheduled to make an appearance in the spin-off of Money Heist titled Berlin in 2023.

On the other hand, Hugo Arbues plays Apolo Hidalgo, Eric Masip portrays Artemis Hidalgo, Natalia Azahara plays Daniela, Gillermo Lasheras plays Yoshi, Emilia Lazo portrays Claudia, Pilar Castro portrays Rosa Mara, and Rachel Lascar portrays Sofa Hidalgo. The Through My Window Across The sea movie has work from three more talented people; their names are Carla Tous, Iván Lapadula, and Andrea Chaparro.


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Where exactly did they record “Through My Window Across the Sea”?

The film, which was directed by Marcal Forés and began production in April of 2022, was shot in the breathtaking scenery of the Girona seaside area. The Hidalgo home was found in the town of Begur, which is one of the municipalities that make up the Bajo Ampurdán region. In a similar vein, the celebration of San Juan that is shown in the photo took place on the sands of Cala Sa Tuna, which can be seen in the background. The Costa Brava, Stockholm, and Barcelona were all used as settings for the various scenes that were filmed throughout this production.

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