The Strangers Chapter 1 Review: Worth Watching?


I had high hopes for The Strangers Chapter 1. Being a fan of Bryan Bertino’s original 2008 film, The Strangers, I eagerly anticipated this reboot. The trailers promised a return to the eerie, suspenseful atmosphere that made the original a standout in the horror genre. Unfortunately, The Strangers Chapter 1 fell far short of my expectations.

From the opening scenes, it was clear that the film struggled to find its tone. It began with a silly, almost farcical feel, complete with a cheesy script and some truly tacky product placements. The film’s two main characters were introduced in a manner that left them relatively unlikeable and poorly developed, with barely enough background to sustain the plot.

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The Strangers Chapter 1: A Disappointing Attempt at a Reboot

One of the most frustrating aspects of The Strangers Chapter 1 was its reliance on direct parallels to the original film and its sequel. Many scenes felt like they were lifted directly from the 2008 movie, but without the same impact. Instead of feeling like an homage, these scenes came across as lazy rehashes. It was as if I was watching a less compelling version of the movie I loved, minus the originality and suspense that made it great.


The marketing suggested that this film was a prequel, promising an origin story for the infamous masked strangers. However, the presence of modern elements like smartphones and push-to-start cars contradicted this claim. This inconsistency left me questioning the film’s timeline and overall purpose. If this wasn’t a prequel, what exactly was it trying to achieve?

Several plot points were introduced but never fully developed or resolved. Items like an inhaler, dietary restrictions, a friend’s vacation, and some strung-up poultry seemed significant at first but ultimately went nowhere. These loose ends contributed to the film’s overall feeling of confusion and disappointment.


One of the main draws of the original The Strangers was its simplicity and the terror of the unknown. The killers were random, their motives unexplained, which added to the horror. In The Strangers Chapter 1, the entire town seemed filled with sinister characters, detracting from the isolated, personal fear that made the original so effective.

The script was filled with clichés and unrealistic behaviors that broke the immersion. Characters made a ton of unnecessary noise when they were supposed to be hiding, used lights and lighters in dark spaces despite trying to stay hidden, and yelled each other’s names while running through the forest. These actions were not only unrealistic but made it hard to care about the protagonists’ fate.

Dialogue was another weak point. At one point, after the car fails to start, the female lead asks, “What’s the matter?” to which her partner replies, “The car won’t start.” Such uninspired exchanges were rampant throughout the film. The leads’ performances were hindered by this stilted dialogue, and their characters never developed beyond basic archetypes.

In terms of production, the film was unremarkable. The cinematography was adequate but lacked the haunting stillness and subtlety of the original. The soundtrack was overbearing at times, using dramatic musical cues to force scares that never truly materialized. The direction felt aimless, failing to build the suspense that is crucial for a horror film.

The antagonists, once symbols of random, unfathomable violence, were reduced to shadows of their former selves. Their actions were predictable, and they lacked the enigmatic terror that made them so frightening in the first film. The iconic masks, once a source of dread, now seemed like a mere costume choice rather than a symbol of impersonal, cold-blooded menace.

Despite its flaws, The Strangers Chapter 1 did manage to provide some entertainment. If you haven’t seen the original and are particularly fond of jump scares, you might find it enjoyable. However, for fans of the original, this film offers little new or engaging.

The film’s pacing was uneven, with long stretches of nothing interspersed with brief moments of tension. The runtime felt unnecessarily drawn out, and the story could have easily been trimmed to less than an hour without losing any crucial elements. The climax was lackluster, with a resolution that felt abrupt and unsatisfying.


As a standalone film, The Strangers Chapter 1 is mildly entertaining. However, it pales in comparison to its predecessor. The original The Strangers was a masterclass in minimalist horror, creating an atmosphere of relentless dread with minimal dialogue and a simple premise. This reboot, on the other hand, was overstuffed with unnecessary elements and failed to capture the same level of fear.

The attempt to introduce new plot points and characters without giving them sufficient development was a major misstep. The filmmakers seemed to rely on the audience’s familiarity with the original to fill in the gaps, but this approach only highlighted the reboot’s shortcomings.

Overall, The Strangers Chapter 1 was a disappointing attempt to revive a horror classic. It lacked the originality, tension, and subtlety that made the original film so effective. While it might serve as a decent introduction for newcomers to the franchise, it offers little for fans of the original. The kills and cinematography were mediocre, and the film was bogged down by clichés and poorly executed plot points.

For those who haven’t seen the original, this film might be worth a watch for its few moments of suspense. But for fans of the 2008 classic, I would recommend revisiting the original instead. The Strangers Chapter 1 is a reminder that some stories are better left untouched, and not every franchise needs a reboot.

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