Revisiting Princess Diana: The Crown Actress “Elizabeth Debicki” Returns for the Series’ Final Season



The Crown’s Farewell: Elizabeth Debicki Reflects on the Final Season

As the curtain falls on one of the most acclaimed television dramas of the past decade, The Crown bids adieu with its sixth and final season. Elizabeth Debicki, the gifted actor behind the portrayal of Princess Diana, reflects on the culmination of her character’s journey, which earned her Emmy, Golden Globe, and SAG nominations.

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Diana’s Unraveling Marriage

Season 5 unfolds a Princess Diana grappling with a splintering marriage and the relentless scrutiny of the public, unwilling to let go of the “People’s Princess.” In Season 6, we witness Diana seeking solace during a holiday in France with her sons and companion Dodi Fayed (Khalid Abdalla). However, the paparazzi’s frenzied flashbulbs and media obsession ultimately lead to their tragic deaths.

Debicki’s Emotional Farewell

The historical heartbreak of Diana’s passing resonates globally, marking the end of Elizabeth Debicki’s time as the character. The actor reflects on her journey in Peter Morgan’s award-winning series and the emotional pieces of Diana that are challenging to leave behind.


Returning for the Final Season

A Sense of Home

Benji Wilson interviews Debicki, delving into her emotions returning for the sixth season after the acclaimed Season 5. Debicki expresses how it felt like coming home, with only a brief hiatus between the two seasons.

Reconnecting with the Character

Debicki shares her experience coming back to the character, emphasizing the quick reconnection and the unique thrill of returning to shoot a second season.


Portraying Diana’s Last Days

Trusting Peter’s Blueprint

Navigating the portrayal of Diana’s final days presents a unique challenge for Debicki. She discusses relying on Peter Morgan’s emotional blueprint and ensuring a balance of joy and happiness on screen amidst the impending tragedy.

Creating Moments of Joy

Debicki highlights the importance of infusing joy and lightness into the narrative, providing a unique perspective on the character’s journey through Season 6.

Dealing with Personal Memories

Memories of a Nation’s Grief

Debicki shares her approach to allowing personal memories to influence her portrayal, recalling her memories as a seven-year-old during Princess Diana’s funeral and the impact on her and her mother.

Two-Fold Process

The actor explains her two-fold process of learning historical facts from the archive team and interpreting Peter’s vision through the scripts, creating an immersive understanding of the character.

Fond Farewell to the Role

Missing the Role

Debicki expresses her sentiment of missing the role, acknowledging the tumultuous and painful aspects of storytelling while finding beauty, love, and a profound desire to connect in the character.

Capturing Princess Diana’s Essence

Reflecting on the real Princess Diana, Debicki emphasizes the extraordinary love and connection people felt for her, describing the experience of trying to recreate that luminosity on screen.

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The Legacy of The Crown

Audience Connection

Debicki discusses the show’s legacy, noting its delicate creation of a connection between audiences and historical figures. She shares her perspective on how The Crown expanded empathy towards figures from history, making their stories accessible and moving.

As The Crown concludes its reign on television, Elizabeth Debicki’s portrayal of Princess Diana leaves an indelible mark. The legacy of the show is one of empathy, connecting audiences with historical figures in a profound and accessible way.

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FAQs: Unveiling Behind-the-Scenes Insights

1. How did Elizabeth Debicki prepare for her return in Season 6?
Elizabeth Debicki found the transition back to her role swift, describing it as a natural and thrilling experience.

2. What was the most challenging aspect of portraying Diana’s last days?
Balancing the devastating historical context with moments of joy and happiness on screen posed a unique challenge for Debicki.

3. How did Debicki deal with personal memories of Princess Diana’s passing?
As a seven-year-old, Debicki recalls watching the funeral and how it left a lasting imprint, influencing her approach to the character.

4. What does Elizabeth Debicki believe is the show’s legacy?
Debicki shares her perspective on The Crown’s legacy, emphasizing its role in creating empathy for historical figures and making their stories accessible.

5. What will the audience miss most about Elizabeth Debicki’s portrayal of Princess Diana?
The actor reflects on the luminosity and connection that Princess Diana brought, leaving a void as she bids farewell to the iconic role.

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