All You Need To Know About Fool Me Once Of Harlan Coben’s Thriller


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Who Killed Joe in Fool Me Once?

In Harlan Coben’s suspenseful thriller Fool Me Once, Michelle Keegan plays Maya Stern, a single mother and former military pilot who is determined to learn the truth about the murders of her husband and sister. She is running out of time, what with the strong Burkett family’s track record of repressing opposition.

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Anyone may be the murderer in Fool Me Once series, which is full of unexpected turns. Does Maya’s comrade Shane (Emmett J. Scanlan) have any connection to the crime? Corey, played by Laurie Kynaston, the whistleblower, is a mystery. Perhaps it’s that mysterious man dubbed Rambo (Connor Porter), who was present at Joe’s death. Continue reading to discover the solutions to all of your pressing inquiries regarding the Fool Me Once series.



Tommy Dark—Who Is He?

Tom operates a security company. He served his country honorably and was supported financially for 26 years by the Burkett family. Why? Reason being, he was the yacht’s skipper on the fateful night of Andrew Burkett’s (Maya’s brother-in-law) death in 1996.

Joe Burkett, played by Richard Armitage, Maya’s husband, maintained that Andrew had committed suicide. Maya learns the truth from Christopher Swain, Joe’s former student and friend: Joe forced Andrew to jump off the boat, killing him, so he wouldn’t speak out about their other classmate, Theo Mora’s, death.


In a hazing event where Joe was the main initiator, Theo died of alcohol intoxication. Remember Tommy? Well, he vanishes into thin air in the current day, and Maya and Corey the Whistle manage to track him down to a storage container.

Inside, they discover Tommy’s lifeless body, along with a huge cooler containing his severed throat. Dino Fetscher and Adele Akhtar’s Detective Sami Kierce suspect Maya of being involved in Tommy’s murder after Joe murdered him and used her car to transport the body.

how Joe got on the Nanny Cam?

Izabella (Natalia Kostrzewa) and Luka (Frederick Szkoda) were instructed by Joe’s mother, Judith Burkett (Joanna Lumley), to construct a deepfake of Joe. They overlayed his likeness onto a video of Maya and Joe’s wedding. Why? Judith sought to get Maya to confess the truth about Joe’s death because she thought Maya was trying to cover up the truth.

Someone murdered Claire in Fool Me Once?

Joe murdered Claire, who was played by Natalie Anderson, Maya’s sister. The crimes committed by Burkett Pharmaceuticals became apparent to Claire, an employee there. Among these crimes was the falsification of drug trials and the release of harmful medications into the market.

After learning of Maya’s war crimes, she decided to get in touch with Corey the Whistle. (In her haste to rescue her fellow soldiers, Maya had murdered innocent bystanders.) Together, Claire and Corey discovered the Burketts’ dark secrets, such as Joe’s history of killing Theo and Andrew, and managed to convince Corey not to broadcast the damaging audio from the incident. One of Claire’s coworkers, Joe, figured out what was going on and murdered her while posing as a thief.

Who is Alexander Dosman?

Former boyfriend of Claire’s played by Joe Armstrong is Alexander Dosman. Abby (Danya Griver) and Daniel (Daniel Burt) were born to Claire and Eddie (Marcus Garvey), however they were already an item before they became parents. As it happens, Daniel’s unidentified half-sibling was uncovered via a DNA test he conducted some time ago.

After doing some investigating, Abby and Daniel learn that Alexander is the biological father of their half-sibling. However, Alexander is unaware that he is the father of their half-sibling, Louis (Charlie Cain), who happens to be Abby’s soccer team’s assistant coach, when she confronts him at his apartment.

Do you know who murdered Joe?

The Fool Me Once series concludes with Sami learning that a thief named Rambo was in the park when Maya shot and killed Joe. Upon learning the truth about Claire’s death, Maya proceeded to murder Joe. After she had her husband meet her at their park place, she shot him after questioning him about his actions.

Maya informed the authorities that Joe was wounded during a mugging by two males in the vicinity—Rambo and PJ, the son of the local soccer coach—and that she had used the same gun that Joe had used to murder Claire. What ultimately led to Maya’s arrest were the same bullets from both killings and Rambo’s confession that he was a witness to the crime.

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Maya passes away in Fool Me Once?

Yes. Upon learning that she was Joe’s murderer, Maya tells Sami the truth about her frantic efforts to exact revenge on Joe and his family. After Sami discovers that the medications produced by Burkett Pharmaceuticals were responsible for his brain damage and blackouts, he teams up with Maya, a confessed murderer, in an effort to bring Judith and the rest of the Burkett family to justice.

After Corey, Maya, and Sami set up a livestream and nanny cam, Maya takes up residence in the Burkett home. Neil (James Northcote) and Caroline (Hattie Morahan), who are siblings of Joe, are Judith’s children, and they come home to discover Maya there.

Maya informs the Burketts that she is aware of their years-long suppression of information about the pharmaceutical disaster and that Joe is responsible for the death of Andrew, his brother. Judith then proposes that Maya and she cover up Joe’s murder to keep the family secrets hidden, but Maya is adamantly opposed.

Just a few moments after that, Maya is shot and killed by Neil (James Northcote), the CEO of Burkett. And the entire thing has been shown live for everyone to watch.

Where did Fool Me Once leave off?

After 18 years have passed, Sami and Eddie finally meet up at the hospital to see Maya’s daughter Lily. Now that Lily is an adult, she is a mother to a little girl whom she calls Maya.

Is Fool Me Once returning for a second season?

It is highly unlikely. The Fool Me Once series covers all of Coben’s novel, and there is no sequel to the book.


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