Is “A Haunting In Venice” (2023) A Sequel To Death On The Nile?



Venice, a city of ancient charm and enigmatic beauty, has captivated the world for centuries. Now, in 2023, a new mystery is set to unfold against its mesmerizing backdrop in the upcoming supernatural thriller film, “A Haunting in Venice.” Directed by the renowned Kenneth Branagh, this crime drama promises to be a gripping addition to the Agatha Christie cinematic universe. Let’s delve into the intriguing details of this much-anticipated film and the production journey that led to its creation.

A Haunting In Venice Cast

The heart of any film lies in its talented cast, and “A Haunting in Venice” boasts an exceptional ensemble. The legendary Kenneth Branagh assumes the role of the astute Hercule Poirot, while Kyle Allen, Camille Cottin, and Jamie Dornan bring their expertise to the screen. Additionally, the incomparable Tina Fey, young prodigy Jude Hill, and the versatile Ali Khan contribute their talents to this captivating tale. With such a stellar lineup, audiences can expect performances that will leave them spellbound.


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A Haunting In Venice Plot

At the core of “A Haunting in Venice” is a tale of mystery and the supernatural. Yes the film draws its inspiration from Agatha Christie’s 1969 novel, “Hallowe’en Party,” serving as a sequel to the successful “Death on the Nile” (2022). As the story unfolds, Hercule Poirot finds himself entangled in a web of secrets, uncovering dark truths beneath Venice’s romantic facade. Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey filled with unexpected twists and edge-of-your-seat suspense.

Behind the Scenes

The magic of the silver screen is crafted not only by the talented actors but also by the crew working tirelessly behind the scenes. “A Haunting in Venice” benefits from the visionary direction of Kenneth Branagh, who also assumes the mantle of the legendary detective. The screenplay, penned by the skilled Michael Green, promises to stay true to Agatha Christie’s essence, delighting fans worldwide.


The Visionary Lens

Cinematography plays a pivotal role in capturing the essence of a film’s setting, and “A Haunting in Venice” is no exception. Haris Zambarloukos, the brilliant cinematographer, brings Venice’s haunting allure to life on the big screen. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling through visuals, Zambarloukos promises to create a cinematic experience like no other.

Editing and the Art of Pacing:

Lucy Donaldson, the talented editor, plays a crucial role in shaping the film’s pace and maintaining its gripping momentum. Her artistic choices will guide viewers through the labyrinth of suspense, keeping them engaged at every turn. Donaldson’s expertise ensures that “A Haunting in Venice” will be a seamless and immersive experience.


A Symphony of Emotions

The film’s emotional depth is elevated by the masterful composition of Hildur Guðnadóttir. Known for her ability to evoke intense feelings through music, Guðnadóttir’s haunting melodies will linger in the hearts of audiences long after they leave the theater. Her score promises to be the perfect accompaniment to the unfolding mystery, enhancing the film’s impact.

Production Journey

The inception of “A Haunting in Venice” began with a revelation from 20th Century Studios’ president, Steve Asbell, in March 2022. It was announced that a third Hercule Poirot film was in the works, with Kenneth Branagh returning as director and star. The film’s script, skillfully written by Michael Green, weaves a captivating story that draws from a lesser-known Poirot tale.

A Haunting In Venice Release Date:

As anticipation mounted, “A Haunting in Venice” was officially confirmed in October 2022. Alongside Kenneth Branagh, the film boasts an ensemble cast that includes the likes of Jamie Dornan, Tina Fey, Jude Hill, Kelly Reilly, and Michelle Yeoh. This stellar cast is bound to elevate the mystery to new heights and leave a lasting impact on audiences.


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As September 15, 2023, draws near, cinephiles and mystery enthusiasts eagerly await the release of “A Haunting in Venice.” With a star-studded cast, visionary direction, and a plot that unravels like a finely woven tapestry, this supernatural thriller promises an unforgettable cinematic experience. As Venice’s enigmatic secrets come to life on the silver screen, audiences will be left spellbound, holding their breath until the final revelation. Prepare to be immersed in a world of suspense, intrigue, and unforgettable storytelling with “A Haunting in Venice.”

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